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Inquiry Removal



Inquiries Explained:

When you apply for a credit from a lender or creditor, the majority of the time they need to pull your credit report to assess your credit quality. As a result, the lender or creditor instantly communicates with the credit bureaus that you submitted an application and allowed them to pull your credit. Sometimes the lender or creditor may pull your report from all 3 bureaus or just 1 or 2. Each inquiry can cause your credit score to decrease between 3-15 points on average. When you have too many inquires within a 2-year window you will either be denied additional credit or approved with lower limits and or/higher interest rates. Even if you are not approved for the credit that you applied for you will still have an inquiry on your credit.

How We Help:

We help you by disputing these negative inquiries off of your credit report. Negative inquiries are the result of any accounts you didn’t get approved for. If you got approved then we consider it a positive inquiry because it worked out in your favor and you got approved. However, we do not dispute positive inquiries because it will result in you losing a positive account you got approved for. Unless you want us to dispute that inquiry because your account is in the negative. But this will result in the inquiry and the account being deleted from your credit report.

Our Process:

  • Online Disputes
  • Mail Disputes
  • Phone Disputes

Online Disputes-

We dispute everything initially all online to expedite your inquiry removal process. We dispute each inquiry on all 3 bureaus so we can ensure that each inquiry is completely removed from your credit report.

Mail Disputes-

We also do mail disputes to coincide with the online disputes to add additional documentation to your disputes.

Phone Disputes-

We coach you on how to dispute your inquiries over the phone which can speed up your inquiry removal to be as fast as 24 hours.

How Will You Be Able To Keep Track of Everything:

All disputes are done online initially not including Experian. They do not allow online inquiry disputes. However, you will be able to see your disputes on the Transunion and Equifax website. For Experian, we will need to call in to get updates.

How Long Does It Take:

Inquiries can be as fast as 24 hours but they can also take up to 30 days. Most of the time they are removed within 2 weeks.

Important Info Before You Order:

For multiple inquiries, you need to add the equivalent amount of inquires you want to be removed to your cart. Meaning if you have 10 inquiries then you need to make sure you add 10 orders to your cart. Every inquiry you add to your cart covers all 3 bureaus so you don’t have to add the same inquiry 3 times for all 3 bureaus. For example: if you have an inquiry from Capital One we will remove that inquiry off of all 3 bureaus. So you only need to add more inquiries to your order if it’s an additional inquiry from a different lender or creditor.


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