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Bankrupcty Removal



Bankruptcies Explained:

If you have late payments on all your accounts, you may elect to go into bankruptcy to finally be cleared off all the debt that they owe. However, even though the negative accounts that you initially owed will be removed from your credit report it can still have a severe effect on your credit. When you have a bankruptcy, it stays on your credit for 10 years as a public record that you declared bankruptcy. This causes most lenders to hesitate to lend to you which is why we will rarely recommend to any client of ours to file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, you may still be responsible for some portion of the debt. When this happens your credit score can go down 100-250 points depending on what else you have on your credit report.

How We Help:

We help you by disputing bankruptcies off of your credit report and off your public records so that your name is cleared. We go through multiple rounds of disputes and we attack the credit bureaus and creditors on your behalf to expedite your dispute process.

Our Process:

  • Online Disputes
  • Mail Disputes
  • Phone Disputes

Online Disputes-

We dispute everything initially all online to expedite your bankruptcy removal process. We dispute your bankruptcy on all 3 bureaus so we can ensure that each account is completely removed from your credit report.

Mail Disputes-

We also do mail disputes to coincide with the online disputes to add additional documentation to your disputes.

Phone Disputes-

We coach you on how to dispute your bankrupcies over the phone which can speed up your account removal to be as fast as 30 days.

How Will You Be Able To Keep Track of Everything:

All disputes are done online initially. You will be able to see your disputes on the Experian, Transunion, and Equifax website.

How Long Does It Take:

Bankruptcy removal can be as fast as 180 days but it can also take up to 6 months or longer depending on the status of your bankruptcy. Most of the time they are removed within 6 months to 1 year.

Important Info Before You Order:

For bankruptcies, once you add 1 to your cart you don’t need to add additional because bankruptcies normally report on all 3 bureaus and you normally can only have multiple bankruptcies. So the price listed covers us removing it on all 3 bureaus.


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